Temptations Niagara is a professional business serving Niagara since 2006.   We pride ourselves in honesty, safety and repeat clientele.  Providing our clientele with an entertaining, fun, and satisfying experience. All of our policies and practices ensure a pleasurable, safe and secure environment for all of our models and clientele. All of our models are nothing less than professional and are always happy to create a sensual atmosphere so you are able to indulge in all of your most desirous temptations. 

Safety is extremely important to all of our staff. If a client in anyway jeopardizes the safety of our models, those actions will result in serious legal consequences. Unsafe actions include: excessive force, intimidation, verbal/physical abuse, stalking, uttering threats, etc. THIS BEHAVIOR IS NEVER ACCEPTABLE! We take the safety of our models very seriously. Besides legal consequences, all agency services will be permanently denied and NO REFUND will be given. 

We are a drug free agency. If you are inebriated in anyway when your model arrives, she will vacate the premises immediately. If you call to request a model and we believe that you are intoxicated, no one will arrive at all. 

We are a professional business and with that there is a dress code that is enforced with our ladies, such as: no sweat pants, no tattered, torn, or stained clothing (unless otherwise requested). This policy also refers to personal hygiene. We do not hire models that show an unacceptable level of cleanliness, and we DO NOT cater to clients who show a low standard of hygiene. So, please freshen up for our ladies before they arrive. The more comfortable they are, the more fun you’re all likely to have. Clients who repeatedly show a low standard of hygiene will be permanently banned from using our services. 

Please do not ask any of our models for personal information such as: personal phone numbers, home addresses or real identities. Our ladies like to remain anonymous. This may escalate into an awkward situation and that’s never any fun for either you or your model. Contacting or attempting to contact any of our models outside of the agency will result in being banned. If you ask them for their personal information during the call they have the right to leave and not give a refund.  If they wanted to be independent they would not be at an agency. 

Our ladies also have the right to refuse you, or refuse any suggestions you may have if they feel uncomfortable. Our models are more than happy to ensure a satisfying experience, but there are lines some just won’t cross. 

If a model arrives for her appointment and there is more than one client present, it is grounds for refusal (unless otherwise agreed upon terms, such as a stag parties or couple calls). If there is an issue with any other person(s) arriving in the middle of your date, she will leave, you will NOT RECEIVE A REFUND and you will be banned from using our services in the future. 

We believe our policies to be fair and have put these policies in place to ensure a wonderful experience for everyone involved. Each member of our staff wants nothing more than to please our clients and our models by providing fun, satisfying and safe entertainment. By making an appointment through our agency, you are automatically agreeing to abide by these rules and regulations. We appreciate your business and hope you have a wonderful time!